Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas and almost weddings!

Merry Christmas everyone (for two days ago!) I hope you all had an amazing day, whatever you were doing.

 Christmas felt a little odd this year. No matter how many times I watched Elf or Miracle on 34th Street, or how many times I listened to Fairytale Of New York and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, it just didn't properly feel like Christmas. I think because this last month has been so busy and stressful with wedding planning, my mind has been completely preoccupied with table plans and centrepieces to feel festive. 

However, when the morning came and Santa had delivered a sack full of goodies for Lily, and our little family of three all put on our Christmas jumpers and socks, I finally felt in the spirit of things! After watching Lily open all her presents (a little mermaid doll, a dolls house, a teeny sewn rabbit in a matchbox, a drawing board, Bambi DVD, a picnic basket and her favourite... lots of stickers!) we spent a lovely family day at my parents house where we were all completely spoiled with gifts and food! Lily absolutely loved her day, then we got to do it all over again with David's family yesterday!

I'm hoping I can enjoy the whole Christmas season a lot more next year and really get into the spirit of things as it will be our first Christmas as a Mr And Mrs!! This time next year we will be preparing to celebrate our first anniversary as a married couple. We get married THIS SUNDAY. 1 day and 18 hours. Wow!!! I am SO excited!! I have had a fluttery excited feeling in my stomach all week. Today I am picking up my dress (eeeeek!) and tomorrow I'm helping David's mum who is a cake maker decorate 70 cupcakes, and then it will be our wedding day!!! How crazy!!

The next time I blog, I will be Mrs Gower. And we will finally be a properly official little family!

See you all very soon!


P.S: I had to write this post on my phone as my laptop isn't working and I don't have all of my usual options, so sorry if it looks a bit funny!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Three Mobile Blogger Penpals

SAM_4508 copy



SAM_4531 copy

SAM_4539 copy

SAM_4503 copy

I have wanted an iPhone for the longest time. I have always looked on in envy at iPhone owners, with their modern, sleek designs and huge choice of apps, and wished they were not quite so out of my price range! So when Three Mobile asked me if I would like to take part in their Blogger Penpals Campaign and try out the latest iPhone for a few weeks, I jumped at the chance!

The idea behind the campaign is to use the iPhone as a modern day mixtape, and for each blogger to leave exciting little bits and pieces on the phone for the next blogger to find. Having made some wonderful blogging friends myself who I write to and send little parcels of suprises to regularly, this idea really appealed to me! 

I received the iPhone from Charlotte Eliza, who had already downloaded some great apps to try out, such as Evernote and Pinterest, taken some lovely pictures and left one or two cheeky messages for me to stumble across while using the phone! 

One of the first things I typed into the App store was Christmas. I know, it's only November, but for me, I start getting into the festive spirit even before Halloween is over! I found the most wonderful app for my Christmas countdown. Dreamdays creates the most beautiful countdowns I have seen, with its simple, modern design and dreamy free backgrounds, It makes counting down to any important event a lot more stylish!

Another fun little app I found was Xmas Haircut, where you can cut, brush, style and grow Santa's hair or a Christmas trees branches in a barber shop! Their facial expressions, chuckles or noises of concern were endlessly amusing to me! I just found this a really cute, addictive extra little piece of Christmas cheer to have on the phone.

I also found an app called Elf Yourself, where you put your face on an elfs body and watch them dance to different Christmas songs. This is hilarious and definitely a must try! I've been getting all my friends to download it and its been the cause of a lot of laughs!

I thought I should probably download a few non-Christmas related apps too, and had a look for some new games to try. Happy Street is an adorable little app where you build your little fox a town and gradually, more and more cute new friends arrive to make friends with your character and you watch the town grow and grow. Highly addictive! And for all those who were proud owners of a Nokia 3210... you can get Snake for your iPhone!! The controls are even the same buttons as the old Nokias, and they make that familiar clicking sound! I was so excited when I found this app, and it bought back a lot of memories for me. It made me realise how much technology has changed even since I was at school. Those 3210's were so cool, and we all thought how amazing things like snake and sending little pixel black and white stick men to your friends were. Now look at what the iPhone 5S can do!

Another new discovery for me was the app SpringDo. I am an obsessive list writer, and this is the cutest little list making app I have ever seen! The fonts are adorable, and you can even cross things out as you do them, rather than just deleting them!

I loved using the camera on the iPhone. My old Samsung really does not compare, picture quality wise. The pictures are the same standard as my little point and shoot camera, and with the use of apps like VSCOcam, you can add some really beautiful effects to them. Another photo app I love is LabelBox, which lets you add super cute washi tape labels to your pictures!

I loved being the owner of a 5S for a few weeks, and leaving a little trail of surprises for the next blogger, lovely Charlotte, who is my dear friend and Penpal outside of this campaign too! I couldn't bear the thought of going back to using my rubbishy old Samsung after using a shiny new iPhone for a while, and sadly *cough, cough* it finally gave up and died on me during this time anyway. So, I may have been a little naughty and purchased the new iPhone 5C. Oops!!

Are there any apps you would recommend?


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Engagement shoot

roseanne and dave-1

roseanne and dave-2

roseanne and dave-4 roseanne and dave-6 

roseanne and dave-10 roseanne and dave-12 roseanne and dave-13 roseanne and dave-17 roseanne and dave-19 roseanne and dave-20 roseanne and dave-23 roseanne and dave-26 roseanne and dave-29 roseanne and dave-30 roseanne and dave-33roseanne and dave-34 roseanne and dave-36 roseanne and dave-37

roseanne and dave-39

I suddenly realised yesterday I have no pictures from our engagement shoot on my blog- I can't believe I forgot to share these with you!! These are some of my favourite pictures from our engagement shoot we had back in September. Our photographer Noel was wonderful and is an absolute genius- I'm so happy we managed to get him for our wedding! We had such a fun day, paddling in rivers and climbing through bushes and up steep slopes together to get to the right position for the perfect shot! Neither of us a are very comfortable in front of the camera but Noel made it really enjoyable. Make sure you go take a look at his other work, some of the weddings he's shot are stunning!                                                                                                         xo

Thursday, 7 November 2013

My DUO Love Story // Winter Romance


1. Zara coat // 2. H&M shirt // 3. ASOS knitted tights // 4. Etsy earrings // 5. DUO Capri boots // 6. Boohoo dress // 7. Cambridge Satchel Company satchel

It's not very often a company will approach me with an idea that I immediately want to be involved in. Whether it's due to bloggers block, me not feeling I am good enough to do their product justice or it doesn't fit in with my blog, I find myself politely declining opportunities more often than not because it just doesn't quite feel right. However, when DUO contacted me recently asking me if I would like to take part in their DUO Love Story competition,  it was one of those rare and wonderful times it did feel right. Very right.  They wrote to me talking of winter, romance and shoes and my imagination was immediately captured!

Winter has always been my favourite time of year. Mornings sparkling with frost, mittened hands clinging to mugs of hot chocolate, those first steps onto freshly fallen snow- the whole season is just so romantic! When DUO asked what my favourite love story is, I knew my answer without any hesitation. It has to be Beauty and the Beast! Since I was a little girl, it has always been my all time favourite Disney movie and love story. I longed to be Belle. As the book loving, daydreaming, brave and caring Disney princess, she was always my favourite. Remember at the beginning of the movie, she is dressed fairly plain, unaware of her beauty, spending all her time reading? Then bravely sacrificing herself, going to live with the Beast, just to save her father? How can you not love her?! I love how she isn't scared to tell the Beast off when he needs it, but her caring nature also means she looks after him when he needs it too, and in the end she finds herself seeing a different side to him, a gentler side, and they fall in love. She doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks, she can see past his exterior and stands by him. 

Now, I'm not calling David a Beast, but while we were at school together, for a long time, I did not like him at all! I thought he was cocky, immature and annoying. I couldn't stand him. Most of my friends felt the same way. When he started liking me, and pursuing me, I was horrified, and found the whole situation completely irritating! He insisted on walking me home everyday, but I found the more we talked, the more I spent time with him away from everyone else, the more I got to know him and I started to like him too. Everyone thought it was a bad idea, that we shouldn't be together, but I didn't care. I felt like I'd got to know the real David. On the way back home from our first 'date' (we were 15 years old, and it consisted of walking around the shops and stopping for a McDonalds!), it began to snow. David gave me his jacket and wrapped an arm around me to keep me warm. Walking through the snow with him that night is one of my favourite memories of when we first got together. I was so happy. He told me on that walk he was going to marry me one day, and we had our first kiss. Now here we are, almost 8 years later, a month away from our wedding day. A winter wedding just seemed perfect for us. A wedding in a grand old house with lots of cosy little rooms, where, with our closest friends and family, we can sip mulled wine and hot chocolates by big open fires, enjoy a roast dinner and mince pies, and dance the night away. It is going to be unintentionally very much Beauty and the Beast style! 

For our honeymoon, we're having a few days in a hotel in Warwickshire. It's another grand old house, set in 17 achres of beautiful land. I can see us having lots of romantic walks, and if we are very lucky, perhaps with a dusting of snow! Walks in the snow always remind me of that first date we had, and my very favourite scene from beauty and the beast. You remember this one? So very romantic, with the snow and the beautiful gardens and Belles cape with the fur trim. I have put together an outfit that I think is very modern day Belle, and would be perfect to wear on our honeymoon. Pretty and feminine while still being practical and cosy. The blue pinafore, white shirt with an adorable collar, the luxurious fur hood, cosy tights, teeny roses, a satchel (how else would Belle carry around her books?!), and how gorgeous are those boots??! I have completely fallen head over heels in love with them. They look ridiculously warm and comfortable, while still being so stylish, and the heel keeps them looking feminine. I am usually a little nervous to buy shoes online, as I am one of those awkward people who have feet that fit right in the middle of two sizes, but the wonderful thing about DUO is the shoes are all tailored to fit you. I would absolutely love to wear these boots in the first few days as David's wife!
What's you're favourite love story? I would love to hear!