Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Berry picking

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned in my last post, I haven't been able to do very much at all recently, which is incredibly frustrating! So when we had spontaneous family day out at a pick your own farm this weekend, it was such a treat.

We had never been to a pick your own farm before, and arrived to find huge fields full of all sorts of different types of fruit and veg, with handwritten signs explaining what each crop was with a few handy tips here and there for the more inexperienced visitor. There were piles of baskets and punnets and sacks to collect your chosen fruit or vegetables in, excited children hunting for the biggest, reddest, juiciest looking strawberries and couples strolling hand in hand leisurely filling up their baskets as they went. Initially we were a little unsure and hesitant, not really knowing what we doing at all, but after a bit of advice from one of the lovely workers there, we were soon getting stuck in just like everyone else! For our first trip, we just stuck to the strawberries and raspberries. It didn't take long for David to lead the way having figured out the best location for the ripest fruit, and I soon discovered the parts of the bushes people had missed and big, juicy strawberries were hidden, waiting to be picked. Lily absolutely loved helping us hunt for the reddest berries, learning how to pick them off the plants and collecting them up in her own little punnet. She even managed to find a few muddy puddles that were perfect to jump in along the way! 

She was so, so proud of the fruit she had collected, and was talking all the way home about her 'barspberries'. We picked up some chocolate on the way home and planned to put together a fruit fondue in the evening, but Lily was absolutely desperate to get her hands back on her lovely 'barspberries' and they were gone very soon after we arrived home with many 'mmmmm yummy' and 'Oooh, delicious!' exclaimations from her. The strawberries then waited for later on, when after dinner, we sat around our table watching Jamanji and dipping them in warm, melted chocolate. 

It was the perfect way to spend a quiet Saturday afternoon, and we are now planning our next visit where we will be a bit more adventurous and pick some vegetables! I think it will be the perfect way to get Lily excited about veg she doesn't usually eat, and I'm sure will make her much more willing to try them if they are 'hers' she's picked herself! 


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

30 weeks

Hello everyone! 

I'm now 30 weeks pregnant, and, as per usual, things haven't quite gone to plan recently! I expected to finish work at the end of term for the summer holidays then go straight into my maternity leave. I imagined my summer at home with Lily blogging, getting back into doing something creative and crafty and preparing for our little boy to arrive. However, with just two weeks to go, I had an incident at work with one of the students. For those who don't know, I work in a secondary school as a learning support assistant to special needs children, primarily boys aged 13-15. 

I obviously won't go into details, but I had quite an unpleasant and stressful incident with a student, resulting in a couple of days off work. People were advising me not to go back and to be signed off work but I was determined to finish the term. However, just a week later, I had yet another incident with a student which was rather traumatic and stressful again. Yet again, I had everyone telling me I should just be resting and taking care of myself and the baby, but despite it being a challenge, I love my job and wanted to finish the term for myself and the students I work so closely with. However,  after experiencing some pains and contractions, I began to bleed (sorry if tmi!) and had to go into hospital. After many, many tests and seeing many many doctors I was told I had been putting myself under too much strain and pressure and my body wasn't coping, and I needed to stop. I was told I am no longer allowed to bend, lift, or do any physical activity for any length of time and needed I just rest until baby arrives, otherwise I was at risk of going into labour early. This meant no work, no cleaning, no lifting Lily. Just simple things like if I'm cleaning I'm not allowed to get pans out of the bottom cupboard, I can't bath Lily because of the bending involved, I can't do washing because of bending to put the clothes in the washing machine. It's extremely frustrating! I've felt so much better this pregnancy than I did with Lily's, but I'm now able to do less. I didn't finish the term at work, and am spending most of my time at my parents house while David is at work so they can look after me and Lily and make sure I'm getting rest, and David has had to take on most of the chores around the house. I feel so useless and restricted! My pregnancy was quizzing by but it's all started to go an awful lot slower now. I cant wait to have my baby boy here in my arms and my body back so I can regain some independence. 

Other than those issues though, baby G is growing well and very healthy. You can now see my belly moving around as he wriggles, which Lily absolutely loves and finds so exciting! She is understanding so much more than I was expecting her to. She talks about her baby brother lots of comes over just to give my tummy a kiss or cuddle several times through the day. Is so lovely. I have a huge craving now too- for ice! I get such sudden strong urges to crunch on ice several times a day, is crazy! I have been eating so many ice pops and just ice cubes, which has been great in this heat. I've also been living citrus flavours and drinking Los of lemon and lime drinks, whereas usually I mainly only drink water, but I just don't enjoy water at the moment and find it gives me horrible heartburn when I do have any. 

We have almost finished Lily and her baby brothers bedroom now too, and I plan to blog about it as soon as we do! I'm also putting together a well overdue post about Lily and how much she has changed and grown up recently. I may try and do some maternity style/product review type posts too. What do you all think? I don't do much at the moment other than read books, take baths and watch films with Lilypops, so I've been a bit stuck for ideas of what to blog about!

Hopefully I'll have some interesting posts for you soon!


Monday, 16 June 2014

Baby G no.2

Hello everyone!

I thought it was about time I wrote my pregnancy post! Fingers crossed Lily will let me finish it quickly.

We had decided while planning our wedding that sometime in the year following might be a good time to start trying for Baby G number 2. We did not expect that just 4 weeks into our marriage we would be seeing those two little lines on a test!! We got ourselves a little honeymoon baby and could not be more thrilled! 

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may remember how much I hated my first pregnancy. Vomiting several times a day every single day until 16 weeks, severe anaemia and fainting from 20 weeks, PUPs pregnancy rash making my bump burn and itch like crazy, then the return of the sickness from week 30 alongside acne and uncontrollable greasy hair followed by a 6 day labour all resulted in a stressful, exhausting and all round horrible experience. I really thought I'd never do it again, but of course, how head over heels in love we fell for Lily made me change my tune. However, it still caused mixed emotions when I discovered I was pregnant. I was torn between being incredibly excited to be growing our family and terrified about putting my body through it all again for 9 months.

Luckily, this pregnancy has been a completely different experience! I still got morning sickness, but not so constant and severe. I was able to keep some food down and control it to a certain extent. It still wasn't pleasant, but compared to last time so much better and was gone completely by 12 weeks! So far, touch wood, no anaemia either so I haven't had the exhaustion and fainting that came with that. My skin is better than normal and my hair shinier and cleaner for longer which is amazing! The only symptom that has been worse than my pregnancy with Lily is my hormones. I cry at EVERYTHING! All the time! Lily, bless her, can't watch any films since I've been pregnant without having me a sobbing wreck on the sofa next to her. Dumbo, Tangled, Frozen, The Heffalump Movie- literally anything reduces me to a blubbering wreck, no matter how many times we watch it! 

Because of this pregnancy being so different, it definitely was not a shock when we discovered that our newest addition was a little baby boy!! And we are SO excited! I cannot wait to meet our little man, and introduce Lily to her baby brother. She has some understanding of what's going on- she strokes my tummy and feels his kicks and talks to her baby brother. She tells people mummy has as 'tumbley baby' and tries to share her toys and food with my bump! It is adorable. I have a feeling she is going to make a pretty wonderful big sister. 

I am now 2 days away from being 24 weeks. Time is flying by but I do want to start more regular bump updates and maybe do some baby boy hauls too! Is there anything else you'd like to see baby related on the blog?


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Our sunny winter wedding

roseanne and david print-58
I've been planning how I will do this post for months now, and had so many different ideas and stopped and started and restarted over and over again. I've decided I just need to get our day documented and shared and stop worrying so much about how! I'm just going to share with you my favourite pictures (there are lots!) and ramble on about the day without over thinking it too much! So, here is my incredibly overdue post about our wedding day! I have a feeling it's going to be a long one...

We got engaged in 2011. I am one of those girls who grew up with very clear ideas of what I wanted on my wedding day. A big, white wedding in the church my parents married in, a big princess dress, a horse and carriage, roses everywhere, all our friends and family... David had his plans of an incredibly romantic proposal involving whisking me away to Italy summer 2011. Both of those ideas changed dramatically with the news I was pregnant! Our priorities completely shifted to welcoming our Lily into the world. The proposal involved morning sickness and me in my pyjamas on my parents doorstep. It wasn't Italy, but all of a sudden that didn't matter. What mattered was us becoming a family, and that set the tone for the whole wedding planning process.

We were planning on a budget and decided right from the start we didn't want the huge wedding anymore, we just wanted to be a family and celebrate this with our closest friends and family. Things quickly got out of hand when we started planning a barn wedding with a carnival theme, however- until when we started totaling up figures, we realised it would be a long while before we could afford that day. We then went to the other extreme of thinking we should have a registry office ceremony with our immediate family then a picnic at the park. This didn't really feel like us either, though, if we were honest. 

Then we found the Mill House. We visited on a snowy, winters day and instantly fell in love with the homely, cosy feel of the little rooms at different levels and open log fires and mis-matched antique furniture. Seeing it in the snow made us fall in love with a winter wedding idea- our first date 8 years ago involved an evening stroll in snow. We booked our wedding for the 29th December 2013 and the wedding planning properly started!

roseanne and david print-38
roseanne and david print-42
roseanne and david print-60 roseanne and david print-66

After a crazy couple of years of planning, when the morning finally came it all felt very surreal that it was actually happening! It was a gloriously sunny day- we never dreamed we would be so lucky with the weather! I did my hair and makeup myself at my parents house- this decision was partly due to budget but mainly because I am incredibly fussy when it comes to my hair and makeup (I'm one of those people that go home from the hairdressers and have to restyle my hair myself!) so knew it would take away one less stress for me! My sister had done my nails the day before. My bridesmaids arrived here to do their hair and makeup too. It was all very calm- I had expected a morning of panic and chaos- but it was lovely and relaxed. We then made our way to the Mill House to get into our dresses.

roseanne and david print-71 roseanne and david print-73 roseanne and david print-83

David and the boys, meanwhile, were at his sisters house getting ready. Apart from our best man being incredibly nervous all day, it sounded like they had a rather relaxed morning too, involving a lot of X Box playing! Their suits, believe it or not, were from Matalan! We had looked at more expensive options and David found nothing he liked, until, completely by chance, he fell in love with a suit he spotted in Matalan one day! Very budget friendly but I thought they all looked very handsome!

roseanne and david print-101 roseanne and david print-110 roseanne and david print-92 roseanne and david dress58 roseanne and david print-111

My dress! I thought I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted- a princess dress, but not too over the top- quite simple and not too big and pouffy! I decided to be sensible- I would go try on styles in the designer shops to have the experience, decide what definitely suits me then go to a bargain outlet place and get a cheaper version. In the third designer shop I had visited, I found a dress exactly as I had imagined my dream dress to be, tried it on, and loved it. I proceeded to try on veils and shoes with it and thought I had decided on my complete look for the day. The assistant told me I had another half an hour left of my appointment however, and did I just want to have a bit of fun with trying on dresses. I picked up the biggest, sparkliest, most over the top dresses I could find to try on 'as a laugh'. The assistant laced me into the first dress- a Maggie Sottero dress, 'completely over the top and ridiculous' is how I had described it when I saw it on the hanger. Then I saw my reflection. I instantly was in love, saying 'Oh my God. Oh my God!' over and over. 'Oh, look at your little face! You've completely lit up!' was the assistants reaction. My mums was a very simple wow. Another mother of the bride in the shop called her daughter out of the changing rooms to come look at me! I actually felt emotional and couldn't stop grinning. It sounds ridiculous, but it was The One! The totally not me mermaid gown, all sparkles and ruffles and totally over budget. I had to have it. It was just so much fun to wear and I never wanted to take it off!!

roseanne and david print-116 roseanne and david print-117 roseanne and david print-119

The bridesmaids dresses were tricky!!! One bridesmaid was pregnant in the months leading up to the wedding and only tried on her dress weeks before the day. I found several dresses I loved, but there was always a problem. Didn't have it in one persons size, was on the website but actually was out of stock, etc etc. Then I stumbled upon these beautiful Jenny Packham duck egg blue dresses in Debenhams one day, paired them with angora shrugs from Monsoon ta da! Job finally done! They all looked beautiful! I had Davids 3 sisters and my sister as bridesmaids  and my 3 nieces and Lily as flower girls. They were all stunning!

roseanne and david print-128

roseanne and david print-129

Waiting to walk up the aisle was definitely more of an exciting moment than a nervous one. I could hear the sound of the harp floating through the house- I don't want to name drop, but our harpist was Claire Jones. Oh, you know! Only the Royal Harpist. The same lady who played at Kate and Williams wedding! No big deal! (That was our extra special treat for the day from my parents. She was amazing!) I walked down the aisle to Canon in D with the biggest grin ever on the face. I look ridiculously smiley in all of the pictures! Claire went on to play 'All I want for Christmas is you' by Mariah Carey and 'I wont give up' by Jason Myraz through our lovely ceremony which is quite a blur now. A very, very happy blur. Then we left the ceremony as husband and wife to 'Pompeii' by Bastille being played on harp- definitely one of the best moments ever!

roseanne and david print-133 roseanne and david print-134 roseanne and david print-135 roseanne and david print-140 roseanne and david print-148 roseanne and david print-152 roseanne and david print-160

Everybody then had mulled wine and mince pies while Claire played Christmas songs, the group pictures were taken, and everyone mingled in the beautiful winter sunshine! It could not have been more perfect.

roseanne and david print-171 roseanne and david print-177 roseanne and david print-185

roseanne and david print-216

I had always planned on having Roses and Lilies on my wedding day. However, after chatting to a florist about the difficulties of getting certain flowers in winter, the struggles with deliveries over Christmas, and the added cost due to shipping from other countries I was feeling a little disheartened. At the same time, I was trying to find a way to incorporate something of my Grandmothers into the day, as she was unable to attend due to her dementia and being in a care home. Thanks to Pinterest, however, I managed to overcome all of these problems! I fell in love with some of the brooch bouquets on there, and my Grandmother has a rather impressive collection of brooches. After a few failed attempts, I eventually managed to create my ultra sparkly brooch bouquet, that has so much more sentimental value than any flowers I could have ever have had! I was so pleased with it and it is such a wonderful object to keep.

roseanne and david print-225 roseanne and david portrait sky roseanne and david print-233 roseanne and david print-232 roseanne and davidportraits roseanne and david print-235

Sparkles became a bit of a theme in the end with my dress covered in Swarovski crystals, my super sparkly earrings (an Ebay find by my very clever plus my silver glitter heels. Our 'colour scheme' became icy blues, whites and glitter! mother!), headband and bouquet,

roseanne and david print-98 roseanne and david centrepiece and guestbook roseanne and david cake table plan-58 roseanne and david print-211

I did all of the decorations myself. I bought birdcage tea light holders for the centerpieces which I decorated with sparkly Christmas decorations, and scattered other tea lights and glittery trinkets around the tables along with silver crackers.Chalkboards also featured quite heavily, being the look of our wedding invitations, our table numbers, seating plan, plus little signs around the venue that I made all by hand with chalkboard paint and chalk pens. Instead of a guestbook, I filled a little wicker basket with paper hearts for people to write messages on and put in a jar, so we now have our jar of hearts on display in our living room. Our beautiful birdcage cake was made by David's very clever mother! She made our cake and cupcakes for us based on our colour scheme and decorations and I was so thrilled with how it looked (and tasted!). Our favours were teeny jars of sweets in our wedding colours, and brown paper bags decorated with lace and filled with all sorts of toys and games for the little ones! For months I also collected wicker hearts, teeny birdcages and birds, glittery Christmas decorations, candles and fairy lights which we dotted all over the venue.

roseanne and david print-243 roseanne and david print-257 roseanne and david print-267 roseanne and david print-285 roseanne and david print-287 roseanne and david print-293 roseanne and david print-309

We ate our delicious three course Christmas dinner, pulled crackers, shared jokes and wore hats before the speeches began. My Dad and Davids speeches were lovely, and while they were nervous, their nerves were completely overshadowed by how much our best man, Lewis, was suffering with his! He is someone who has been known to vomit when under pressure, so we were all on edge waiting for his, willing him to do well. When the boys had been planning their speeches, I had watched Tom from McFlys with them and cried at his beautifully written and sung tribute to his wife! I joked that one of them should do a copy of that, however never in a million years expected Lewis to actually do a spoof version!!! He sang his hilarious lyrics he had written about David ridiculously out of tune to the backing track of McFlys 'Obviously' and had everyone in absolute stitches! I have never laughed so hard in all my life! It was definitely a highlight of the day! He did an amazing job!

roseanne and david print-319 roseanne and david print-325 roseanne and david print-329 roseanne and david print-342 roseanne and david print-353

One of the wonderful things about having the whole of an old house to ourselves as a venue was having so many little rooms to use, especially when it came to the evening. We could have music and dancing in one room, fish and chips and a sweet buffet in another, the bar in another, a room for chatting on the sofas in front of the fire in another, and toys and DVD's for the little ones in another- everyone seemed to really, genuinely enjoy themselves. We kept our guest list small- we were not allowed large numbers for the meal anyway due to space, so for the day had only our closest family then in the evening stretched to a few really close friends we've had since school. Of course, when we are limited with numbers, it did mean some people I would have liked to have been there couldn't, which was the only compromise we had to make with our day. However, everyone was very understanding about it, and as I said before, our priority was becoming a family and celebrating with our closest family, which is exactly what we did! Our day was amazing, better than I could have ever imagined! Even our DJ was brilliant, and near the end of the night came out behind his booth to teach us the dance moves to some songs! I have honestly never laughed so hard, danced so much or had as much fun as we did on our wedding day. It was more than I could ever have imagined and hoped for in every single way!

roseanne and david print-369 roseanne and david print-379 roseanne and david print-391 roseanne and david print-403 roseanne and david print-405 roseanne and david print-402roseanne and david print-382 

I am also over the moon with our pictures. Our photographer, Noel Deasington, was amazing! Such a lovely, talented man who made our day that extra bit special and captured so many memorable moments we will treasure forever.


However, I think I will end with this picture that my Auntie took. Noel was getting ready for our portrait session, and I decided my gorgeous, glittery heels might be a bit too awkward for trekking through the beautiful gardens for pictures. So I hitched up my layers upon layers of ruffles, and David helped me into my converse instead. We had no idea my Auntie had taken this picture, but it has become one of my favourites! I would not have survived the evening of dancing without my trusty converse, they became an unplanned but essential part of the day!!